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Patient Testimonials

We have a number of testimonials below:

I am absolutely delighted with the implants. Thank you for all your help

Ms O, Faringdon (1.8.08)

Through all my adult life, my teeth were a disgrace. Several years ago, I had to have teeth removed which made chewing quite painful. Once I joined the Brunel Dental Surgery all this became a thing of the past.

At the ripe old age of 65 my teeth are now perfect! All the staff there are extremely friendly and helpful - they even send me a text to remind me of appointments!! And, quite importantly, the environment is extremely pleasant - most of my friends have changed over to the Brunel surgery and they are as happy as I am! Going to the dentist is now no longer something to fear!

Mrs T, Swindon (18.8.08)

I can only say how pleased I am with the end result. My teeth (what there were of them) were, as you know, a complete mess before the treatment. The bite was all wrong and I needed a fairly full set of dentures.

Now I have a reasonable smile, a good bite (once more I can enjoy a good steak), and NO DENTURES.

The work was, I appreciate, complicated by my medical condition and the aggressive medications to which I am subject. The lack of a decent bone formation on the upper jaw also made things more difficult.

But you managed the whole thing with ultimate success and I am very grateful that you had a go, where others may have thought it was not on.

And, of course, I cannot pass without a word of praise for the girls who were always cheerful, understanding and so kind. So reassuring after five hours in the chair!!

Mr D, Farringdon (21.9.08).