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Oralift - Dental facelift without surgery

The Oralift anti-ageing device is designed to fit over your lower back teeth and looks similar to a small mouth guard.

You wear it for just 2 hours, every third day. There is no exercise programme, your facial muscles are activated by just having it in your mouth.

Oralift has gained international recognition from cosmetic surgeons as being one of the most impressive anti-ageing products.


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Frequently Asked Questions


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How does the Oralift Appliance work?

The Oralift appliance creates a larger space between the upper and lower teeth, leading to the muscles being altered to position the jaw in a different position. By wearing the appliance and adapting to this position, the facial muscles are being passively exercised. This exercise leads to your facial muscels becoming more toned and triggering the body's natural healing process counteracting the effects of facial aging.

What does the initial consultation involve?

We will study the shape of your face, skin condition, mouth, jaw joint and teeth taking photographs from different angles. The Oralift appliance may be fitted during your first visit if you wish. There will also be a further visit to complete the fitting.

How long do I have to wear the Oralift appliance for?

After the initial assessment, we will devise a planned regime for you, which will start gradually and slowly build up. Some patients notice improvements after wearing the device for only one hour a day and in general, patients wear Oralift for one hour twice daily every third day.

On average, most patients wear the Oralift appliance for 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, every third day for 4 months initially. After this, 2 month top ups twice a year is all that is needed.

What about follow-up visits?

You can expect a further two or three monitoring visits.

What about side effects?

As with any exercise regime, over use of the Oralift appliance can lead to over stressing of the facial muscles.

Benefits of Oralift

  • Reduced lines around the mouth, eyes and face
  • Reduced bags under the eyes
  • Increased fullness of the lips
  • More prominent cheekbones
  • Tightened and strengthened facial muscles
  • Improved head posture
  • Strengthening and firming of the jaw line and neck


Before and After Photos

These photos are taken from the Oralift Website.